Plan for 2020/21


To create a further basis for the organization of events and the successful functioning of EYP Ukraine, in March and April, national-level pieces of online-training were held:

  1. Personal Development safety training – 21 March
    inclusivity and tolerance, the importance of following instructions and laws; mental and physical health in EMP.
  2. Media and PR training – 28 March
    content creation and provision of long-term strategies and their evaluation; media support of EYP events.
  3. Training of organizers – 4 April
    pre-session training (estimates, funding, locations, team creation) and work during the session (food and logistics, subordination and rules, team support).


To promote EYP activity in the region, as well as encourage new young and active citizens to participate, several online sessions “Digital Weekend” will be held in April:

  1. KALUSH Digital Weekend – 16-18 April
  2. KYIV Digital Weekend – 24 – 25 April*
*Apply as a delegate for KYIV Digital Weekend 2021 now:


EYP Ukraine hosts the 1st Digital Regional Session on 14-16 May called "Telescope'21". As you look at the stars using telescope (which we can't see that way without it), the same way you can discover yourself in a new way, find those skills you've never thought you have in the session.


To encourage new active members of EYP Ukraine, as well as to select the Ukrainian representation at international sessions and other sessions abroad, a national selection of EYP Ukraine will be held. At the same time, it is planned to hold newcomers weekends in the regional clusters of EYP Ukraine (2-3).


We plan to continue the tradition of holding an international training camp for all willing members of EYP Ukraine. The EYP Ukraine training camp aims, along with the development of specialized skills, to create also an appropriate atmosphere and popularizing the ethnic and natural heritage of Ukraine. In case of the absence of an event with an emphasis on Ukrainian ethnic and natural heritage, the feasibility of holding an international student forum will be considered.


The holding of the general meeting of EYP Ukraine, as well as analysis of the implemented work. The plan will be detailed and adapted to international and national event environments.

Coronavirus updates

Despite pandemic restrictions, EYP Ukraine continues to function online! Check our updates on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). We regularly make posts and open calls for events, happening online both in Ukraine and abroad!