Become a partner

We encourage initiative and independent thinking in young people, facilitating their empowerment with crucial social and professional skills. Become our partner and develop the civil society of Ukraine!

European Youth Parliament - Ukraine takes an active part in the development of young people and is always open to cooperation. If you or your organisation wants to promote youth involvement in one of the largest European platforms for debate, intercultural cooperation, education and the exchange of ideas, we are happy to invite you to be our partner.

You have the opportunity to become a partner of any event: from the regional sessions and all-Ukrainian Training and ending the qualifying session and International forum. Detailed information on the activities of the EYP Ukraine can be found here.

In cooperation we offer to provide the following support:

  1. Promotion among members of EYP-Ukraine
    • Promotion during events
    • Promotional materials on EYP events
    • Writing articles about the company
    • Logo in applications for participation
    • Logo on the project banner
  2. Promotion through EYP-Ukraine
    • Disseminating information amongst media
    • Mentioning partner-company/organisation in the coverage in the media projects of EYP
    • Banners at official events EYP
    • Promotion through official printed materials
  3. Participation in events of EYP
    • Speech at events
    • Patronage committee of EYP
    • Participation as an expert
  4. Support of EYP-Ukraine
    • Information and volunteering support in social projects
    • Sociological work and access to the opinions of young people
    • Subscription to the EYP mailing list
    • Ability to become an expert at one of the workshops

Details of the partnership can be discussed with a Board Member on Public Relations of EYP-Ukraine.

Our partners